Our Mission Statement:

On the “Sold Team of Linda Lazio”, our philosophy is simple: clients come first!  We are committed to good ole fashioned customer service with the benefit of today’s technology.  With the ability to send properties by text or email, buyers and sellers can mark listings as favorites, make notes, ask us questions and most importantly be notified by text or email whenever a new listing or price change matches your criteria.  Prefer conventional communication like a phone call or a face-to-face meeting?  Not an issue; we tailor our communication to what works best for our clients, never overlooking our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.  With so many ways to keep in touch, there will never be a missed message.  You can rest assured communication will never be a problem! 

Our Purpose:

As a seller’s agent, we take pride in the purpose that we serve our clients – to get their home sold in the shortest amount of time, for the most money.  As a buyer’s agent, we take pride in identifying properties that meet their needs, in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money!    

As REALTORS®, we have learned that there are two types of teams – functionary and fiduciary.  A functionary team strives to complete the transaction by assuming little responsibility, their goal is to simply add you to their list of properties.  While this is indeed aligned with the purpose of any team, it is simply not enough.  We take our commitment to clients further by providing services as a fiduciary team – we OWN the result, and accept total responsibility for the outcome.  As your agent we have a fiduciary duty to you and your family, so we go the extra mile to ensure that your objectives are met and we are committed to protecting your best interests. 

Our Pledge:

As members of your team working toward a common goal, we pledge to always be accessible and to keep you updated with all activity throughout the transaction as it occurs – not days later.  We pledge to protect and promote your best interests  –  to act on your behalf as your fiduciary agents.  We are bound to a Code of Ethics and are held to a standard of providing truthful information to our clients, which will help you achieve your real estate goals.