Happy that you are interested in the town of Massapequa!  As important as it is for me to know about you and your requirements, I wanted to share with you why I love Massapequa.

I am a mother of school-age children, and like you, their education is very important to me.  Massapequa has great schools – our school district is consistently rated as one of the best districts on Long Island!

The Massapequa School District has some of the best technology to offer our children – from in-classroom smart boards and PCs in the elementary schools, to Chromebooks for each student starting in middle school, which stay with them through 12th grade.

The school district is family oriented.  Each elementary school promotes family values – events such as pasta night, Little Ladies Dance and Mother/Son bowling give parents and children reasons to be together and have fun.

I have owned a home in Massapequa for 15 years so I especially appreciate seeing residents’ tax dollars at work providing us with tangible results.  The Massapequa Library offers free seminars on topics ranging from income tax preparation to planning for the college entry process for our children.  As a taxpayer and a parent, I find great value in these services provided, all which are free of charge.

Another benefit of residents’ tax payments are the parks and recreation areas throughout Massapequa.  The iconic parks of Massapequa are beautiful family-oriented landscapes where town events are held and our sports teams thrive.  All of our town fields use high quality, state of the art equipment, including the HS and Middle School sports fields, both of which are undergoing major improvements.  Visiting other towns for our “away” games is a perfect reminder of where Massapequa’s tax payments are allocated.

I am a homeowner and consumer so I understand that when absolute maximum purchase price is established, it is important to stay within budget.  With children of my own, I am sensitive to the financial obligations of today’s families and work with my clients based on the parameters they give to me.  My responsibility is to understand the needs of your family so that my team and I can find your “best-fit” community within budget. 

As a real estate agent, I take pride in the purpose and value that I serve my clients.  I am certain that I can provide a phenomenal service to you and your family in this real estate market.  Please send me a message or give me a call if you would like to learn how I can help – 516.320.9047.

Hope to speak with you soon 🙂